Welcome to our School of English.

Online lessons now available!

Welcome to YLS (Your Language School), the UK based school of English. 

YLS is part of the Private English Class Ltd, which was established in 2011 and has helped thousands of people in UK to achieve qualifications and certificates such as: IELTS, Cambridge English (PET, FCE, CAE), ESOL Skills for Life, Functional Skills in English and Maths.

Learn with real teachers, in real-time, ask them questions, learn in a group or have a 1-to-1 lesson to accelerate your learning.

Your Language School provides English language courses on a global scale. Whether you live in the UK, Europe, Africa or Asia, we are enabling you to access first class English online courses and lessons provided by British native and international, well-qualified, experienced teachers live.

As our online student, you will have access to world class teachers and resources which will allow you to learn and improve your English fast and from the comfort of your home with live lessons.

We are offering courses for learners of A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels (from beginners to upper-intermediate level).

Easy to access on PC, laptops, tablets and all mobile devices

General English Courses

Try our school for free for 30 days. No contract, no obligation, if you like it you can continue with a Basic or Premium course.



  • Access to 16 lessons
  • Learn English free for 30 days
  • No contract, stop when you want



  • Access to 16 lessons a month with one tutor
  • Copies of teaching materials, if available
  • Recorded Lessons
  • No contract, stop when you want



  • Access to 32 lessons a month with two tutors
  • Copies of teaching materials, if available
  • Recorded Lessons
  • No contract, stop when you want



  • Personal 1-to-1 tailor-made session with a tutor for 30 minutes
  • Extra support based on your individual requirements and needs
  • Prepay and book the consultation whenever you want

How to start the 30-day free trial

Tailor-made 1-to-1 lessons with our expert teachers

£15 for 30 minute session





Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute


A holstic approach to improving your grammar, listening, pronunciation, reading, speaking and writing skills.


IELTS preparation with our Academic English tutor, who has a track record of gaining 7.0 or higher.


Our pre-sessional course will prepare you for the new academic culture you will experience in the UK and equip you with the skills needed to be successful at university. 


Become confident and fluent in everyday conversations and interactions.


English for Specific Purposes taught by our Academic English Tutor, subjects range from aviation to finance, medicine and travel/tourism industry.

You will need:

Our lessons are live so to attend classes with your teacher, you will need to download ZOOM.

A free online platform that allows you to speak to your teacher face-to-face, see slides and chat with other students.

It’s easy to use and provides and unforgetable learning experience.


Our Academic Team

I have taught IELTS, CAE, BCE to adults for over 10 years and am looking forward to helping you all . Whether your goal is to improve your general English or business English, I am happy to help. 
I have the ability to build a rapport with all of my students and give them a strong, professional, productive and fun learning environment.

I enjoy movies and reading. I have also lived and taught in many countries including, China, Indonesia, Russia and many places in Europe.


I am the online course coordinator.

I specialise in teaching English for Academic Purposes.

I particularly enjoy teaching beginner students and seeing them progress to fluent speakers.

I have a track record of IELTS scores of 7.0 and above.

I am a passionate man who loves his job, meeting new people and getting to know them, travelling, football and motorcycles.

I am a teacher by vocation, I love to teach people and support them in achieving their goals.
I am also a sociologist interested in all human processes and interactions. Travelling is my passion.
I specialise in teaching English language to pre-entry (beginner) and Entry Level 1 (elementary)  levels. I am always pleased to see my students start to build their first sentences in English and start to communicate with others. 
My advice is: learn a lot of new words as fast as you can and start using basic phrases and simple sentences. Do not worry if you make mistakes. 


How to use ZOOM

Tutorial on how to use the ZOOM software to access our lessons easily.

Example Online Lesson

Example Lesson: 1A Level

Example Lesson: 1B Level