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Why Your Language School is Your Top Choice for EAP Classes

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In a recently posted blog, we featured one of our newest course offerings, English for Academic Purposes. Targeting university students who are looking to improve their Academic English skills (whether presently-enroled at a UK university or are just planning to apply for a slot), the English for Academic Purposes or EAP is an intensive small-group course that focuses on developing the learner’s language skills necessary for academic study in any esteemed university in the UK and any English-speaking country across the world. (Read the full blog post here.) 

If you are a university student (or a student-to-be) interested in enroling in an EAP course, here is why you should choose Your Language School to facilitate the programme for you! 

We use authentic materials. From the reading materials, multimedia lectures and seminars, to the assessments and assignments, Your Language School utilises authentic materials to be able to effectively facilitate the learning of our students. These instructional materials carefully hand-picked by our EAP experts help simulate the actual university set-up, so that the learner does not only improve his or her academic English skills, but he or she is also able to mentally, emotionally, and psychologically prepare for what it is actually like being enroled in a UK university. 

We adjust to the needs of the student. As in all our course offerings, Your Language School’s EAP classes are especially tailored to meet the specific needs of the learner. In our many years in the field, we have had students from many different parts of the world, with diverse backgrounds, and at varied English levels, and these factors are certainly taken into consideration when we design and facilitate our classes. We at Your Language School are aware that each student has different educational goals, and this is why we do small-group EAP courses where students are able to direct their own learning. 

We have qualified professional mentors on-board. Our EAP facilitators are not only proficient in the English language, but they are also well equipped in the application of the language in a rigorous academic setting. With Your Language School’s competent and accommodating EAP teachers, students will come out ready for university life and all the many kinds of schoolwork that come with it, which mostly, if not all, involve Academic English skills. These tasks will become easier to accomplish, as our EAP experts, along with our top-notch EAP materials, will help remove language difficulties of the student, so that he or she is able to focus his or her mind on the substantial aspect of the work. 

Be university-ready with us! 

Check out this link to learn more about Your Language School’s EAP Courses. 

We are looking forward to having more university students on board!


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