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Improving Your English Skills over the Summer Break

Improving Your English Skills over the Summer Break

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The summer break is just around the corner! While most of us want to spend the long summer holiday recuperating from the tough academic year that was, it is, of course, not a bad idea to keep up your English skills over the next few months. Not only will this reinforce what you have learned in the past school year, but it will also prepare you well as you face academic or work responsibilities once the break is over.

Here are a few great ideas on how you can improve your English skills over the summer break… without having to give up time to rest and relax, of course!

Use available resources.

By available resources, we mean books, magazines, videos, audiobooks, online materials, and other instructive content that have always been accessible to you but just never found the time to enjoy and explore because of other responsibilities, like school and/or work.

Now that you have a few months off, it’s time to maximise and learn from these materials! What’s great about exploring these works is that you can look at it as a hobby–by going for topics that interest you, for instance–rather than regarding it as a responsibility or as a chore. Make learning fun, as they say!

Interact with peers.

Without question, interacting with others is one of the most effective ways to improve your communication skills. While peer interaction is something that’s most definitely been part of your day-to-day life in school or at work, making a conscious effort to communicate with others over the summer break is a great way to broaden your perspective on matters beyond your field or area.

Come to think of it, isn’t summer break the perfect time to catch up on families and friends whom you were not able to spend so much time with because of the past year’s responsibilities? Go ahead and reach out, catch up, and improve your language skills in the process!

Enrol in a General English course.

Now that you have some time in your hands, grab this opportunity to take General English classes to improve your English proficiency skills. Understandably, taking an extracurricular course on top of your regular load is just unworkable for some. Forcing it might not be a bright idea, too, as learning would not be optimal if the student is too tired or too stressed from his/her academic and work responsibilities. If you are one of those who have time (and money) to spare during the summer, increase your English level by taking a General English course now!

Private English Class and Your Language School offers General English courses for different English levels. We offer one-to-one English classes, too, which are suitable for those who want a personalised instruction with more flexibility and less distractions. 

Learn more about our courses here.

Take an Exam Preparation course.

While you’re at it, why not set yourself the goal of getting your official qualification this coming year, such as the IELTS? Over the summer, kick-start this plan by taking an Exam Preparation course. No doubt, taking exam preparation courses, like the IELTS Preparatory course, is a sure-fire way to get better in speaking, writing, listening, and reading English. You will become more confident in getting that qualification, too!

Learn more about our IELTS Preparatory course and other Exam Preparation courses here.

Want to do all these in one go? Come join us at Private English Class and Your Language School!

With us, you will be able to gain access to exclusive instructive materials, learn from like-minded students from different parts of the world, and, of course, attend classes that are facilitated by trained teachers and English experts. A bonus? We offer online classes, too, so you do not have to worry about travelling long and far, in case you are not within our area!

We have had hundreds of English students over the years, with each of them now thriving in their academics and careers, thanks to their improved English proficiency level and confidence in using the language.

You can be one of them, too!
Reserve a slot or enquire about our classes by sending us an email at We will get back to your message as soon as possible.

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