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Studying in the UK: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting UK Qualifications

Why Study in UK

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As has been emphasised in previous posts, every year, many students based in other countries decide to uproot their lives and pursue their studies in the UK. While there are, of course, different personal reasons for this major life decision, an important consideration is the fact that the United Kingdom consistently ranks high in terms of quality of education, thereby urging more and more international students to continue their schooling in the UK.

If you are an international student and still need a bit more convincing, this blog post is for you. Whether you are thinking of studying A-Levels, GCSEs, or even online learning programmes, here are the top five reasons why you should go for it and get those UK qualifications!

1. You have a wide variety of courses to choose from.

What’s great about pursuing studies in the UK is that you have the opportunity to choose a programme that you feel is right for you and appeals to you the most. Because UK educational institutions provide a wide range of course options, particularly for distance learning schools, students are able to pursue a track that is most aligned with their interests, skills, goals, and preferences. 

2. You gain qualifications that are recognised globally.

If, later on, you decide to leave the UK and get a job in another country, your UK educational qualifications would serve you well. To be precise, UK qualifications, such as A-Levels and GCSEs, are internationally recognised and respected by employers all around the world. Thus, studying in the UK works to open more career opportunities for you, here or abroad. 

3. You are able to develop your English language skills.

Understandably, many international students are non-native English speakers. While there are English proficiency courses that precisely address this concern, it is important to note that studying in the UK is a perfect way for international students to hone their English skills, both oral and written. UK studies allows the student to communicate himself or herself effectively using the language, to be exposed to different audio/visual/audiovisual materials in English, to engage in meaningful classroom discussions, and more. Certainly, these academic activities do not only make students knowledgeable in the subject matter, but these activities also train them to use the English language properly and proficiently.

4. You get to save on tuition fees and other schooling costs.

Unlike in other countries where undergraduate degrees typically take four years, UK degrees take less time. Undergraduate degrees usually take only three years to complete in the UK, while postgraduate degrees may be completed in just a year. Hence, students spend less on tuition fees and other accompanying expenses. In addition to this, British schools offer a lot of scholarships and grants to international students. A successful application means having to pay significantly less (or even none!) to get that UK degree.

5. You are able to experience a unique culture.

The United Kingdom is a country rich in history and culture. In fact, it is a multicultural nation, made up of four different sub-nations (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland), which all have different customs, music, languages, and traditions. This being so, studying in the UK means being exposed to interesting cultures and being around people of different backgrounds, and will then expand your network and worldview.

Private English Class and Your Language School are here to be your guide as you begin to pursue further studies in the United Kingdom! Certainly, getting into a UK educational institution entails a certain level of preparation–from entrance tests, English proficiency exams, and more–and we are here to help you in every step of the process of your pursuit of first-rate UK education.

If you wish to avail of our UK University Recruitment services, click here.

You may also want to have a head start with respect to English proficiency. We offer different English classes, including IELTS preparatory courses, which you can read up more on in this page.

With years of experience working with international learners, Private English Class and Your Language School look forward to being with you as you take your first step toward gaining UK educational qualifications.

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