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Why should you learn English?


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If you are looking for some motivation or are wondering what the benefits of learning English might be, then Your Language School is here to help.

Having the ability to speak a second language is like having a magic key to a whole new life; opening doors that you couldn’t open before. Whether you want to learn to get a better job, to make sure you get the grade to get onto a University course, to make new friends, to help you while travelling, or if you just want something to do to keep busy during the Coronavirus pandemic, there is an English course for everyone!


Why will it be one of the best decisions you make?


  • English can be an easy language to learn:-

    People assume that language learning is tough, but in a lot of cases, it is easier for people to learn English because it’s similar to their own native language. Languages from the same group have influenced each other over the years, and are easier to learn because rules, slang, and other elements are easily transferable. What’s more, there are a lot of extra curricular activities that language learners can do to help immerse themselves.


  • It can lead to more/better job opportunities: –

    Having English as a spoken language is a real advantage when it comes to work and finding jobs. Naturally, the more skills that you have, the more rounded you will be for a position, but having English as a non-native speaker can allow you to grow in your industry, travel around with work, find new jobs in English-speaking countries, and even find a new career altogether. It has been said that a company that wants to become successful internationally should make their headquarters more international. That is to say that everyone around the world knows English.


  • You will become better educated: –

    Knowing another language will expand your brain power, and using English will develop your knowledge of the world. With English Courses now more easily accessible than ever, especially during the Coronavirus Pandemic, there are many options out there and some will even provide you with recognized certificates.


  • Travel around the world with ease: –

    It may seem like a lifetime away at this time but using this travel-free period could be your chance to start learning English. One of the most popular reasons for most to learn English outside of standard education is for their ease of travel. English is the world’s Lingua Franca and allows non-English natives from two different countries that speak two different native languages to communicate.


  • You will learn a whole new set of cultures: –

    Based on the fact that English is the native language of more than one major country, by learning English, you will also learn about culture. Knowing the language will give you a much better understanding of life in an English-speaking country, as well as into how people think, and regional expressions that might be confusing at first.


  • Your confidence will improve: –

    Realistically, a lot of people that do not speak a second language wish that they could. It is a skill that everyone would love to have, and it can vastly improve one’s life. Learning a language is not easy work, but people will start to admire and respect your commitment, and with the right attitude, dedication, and practice, anyone can do it. Finding an English course that is right for you is crucial, and Your Language School has a variety of options to suit all English learners of all levels. Take a look at our General English courses today and take a look at our 1-week Free Trial.

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